18th Mai 2012



I Feel Love - Donna Summer 

RIP Donna Summer

I can’t say I was a huge fan or follower, but I always believed that this was one of the most important songs in dance music production history - an archetype. Sure, that is more the work of Giorgio Moroder, but the vocals on this just … goddam … work … When Bowie and Eno heard it, they knew it was the sound of the future.

Here is the TMZ announcement, died aged 63, from cancer.

This is (I think) the 12 inch extended version.

yes: it´s the moment when the vocals fade out and you think the song is over…and then everything is reduced to that…relentless BASSLINE which just refuses to fade…and it keeps thumping on and on…because that BASSLINE knows it´s not time to let up now (or ever)…and THEN that ridiculous closed hi-hat comes back in…in stupendous stereo…this is when the dancefloor collapses…waiting to be saved by the voice…but instead that BASSLINE somehow morphs and dissolves into analogue, dissonant glitches before a harsh edit, sounding like a huge boiler letting out steam…seconds before it is about to explode, gives way to the voice that effortlessly forces those fleeting elements back into shape.